Sanuwave offers a better, simpler alternative to the traditional standard of wound care for improved patient outcomes and enhanced quality of life.


Our solutions help expedite the healing process at the cellular level, resulting in less time and resources spent on costly treatments that are not as effective. Our technology has been clinically validated by thousands of patients and healthcare providers.

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Chronic wounds lead to decreased quality of life and clinical outcomes for your patients and increased challenge for the staff who manage them. The UltraMIST system provides a wound care solution that is time and cost efficient for your facility and staff.

Faster Healing Reduced Pain

From a 3-20 minute (depending on wound size) pain free procedure.

UltraMIST® effectively removes a wide range of bacteria, including biofilms, while preserving healthy structures.


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Clinical Training and On-going Support

We are here to help. We will guide you through the training process so you are confident you will provide your patients with the best quality care.

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National Schedule 1 CMS reimbursement under code 97610.
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