In this second installment of SANUWAVE’s video blog series “11 Minutes With Shri”, SANUWAVE President Shri Parikh interviews Dr. Desmond Bell, the Founder and President of “The Save A Leg, Save A Life” Foundation, a multi-disciplinary non-profit organization dedicated to the reduction in lower extremity amputations and improving wound healing outcomes through evidence based methodology and community outreach.

Over the course of the interview, Dr. Bell:

  • Shares a little bit of the journey that spanned a career in both the corporate and healthcare sectors, from his teen years as a volunteer and an orderly, his post-college work at an orthopedic company, and his eventual turn to podiatry and limb salvage.
  • Discusses the seriousness and staggering increase in diabetic and pre-diabetic numbers in the U.S. and abroad, comprising in some estimates as much as one third of the living population.
  • Shares the source of his passion that cultivated the Save a Leg Save a Life foundation.
  • Speaks on the difficulties of raising awareness among the general public as well as the chicken and egg challenge of securing funding as a recently established non-profit foundation.
  • Mentions the creation of a patient assistance program that assists sufferers with diabetic footwear and supplies, as well as a recently established scholarship program through the American Workwound Management Foundation.
  • Speaks on the optimism of the SALSAL foundation’s name gaining traction in the medical and cultural lexicon, and finally,
  • Shares his vision of the foundation 5 years down the road.

Save A Leg Save A Life Foundation:

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